Where To Buy There Is No Planet B Shirt

Buy There Is No Planet B Shirt to show who you are. This is our planet. We only get the one, so we desperately need to start taking better care of her. Buy less new stuff, reuse what you already have, recycle even when it's annoying, compost when it's possible. This is not a drill.

There Is No Planet B Shirt
There Is No Planet B Shirt

Here with Caroline Weinberg, national co-chair of the upcoming @sciencemarch and marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, here demonstrating that science is fun! We also depend on science for every function of our lives - birth, health, transportation, communications. On April 22, let's march to promote the importance of supporting, investing in and defending science. ps Get your own #thereisnoplanetb tshirt on the #sciencemarch website. #earthday.

Let's buy There Is No Planet B Shirt

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